Workplace Information Management System

( W I M S )

Create User Account

  Full name.
  Phone number.
  Date of Birth.
  ID Number (Vote, NIN, Passport or Driving License)


  Workplace registration
  Invoices and payments
  Report Accidents
  OSH Training
  Inspection Report
  OSH Events (Safety day)

Register Workplaces

  TIN (from TRA)
  Business License certificate
  Business Activity
  Number of Employee
  Capital investment
  Physical Location

Frequently Asked Questions

WIMS is a short form which stands for Workplace Information Management System. It is an online system whose objectives are to facilitate Occupiers to easily register workplaces and projects, book training, request and obtain compliance license, request inspection, reporting incidents etc.

To use WIMS, you need to follow WIMS User Guide, which can be downloaded from User manual

To register a Workplace, you need to create an account in WIMS, and to do so, you need to have a minimum requirements; a TaxPayer Identification Number (TIN) and a Business License.

The benefits when you register with WIMS include obtaining various service offered by OSHA online, which include applying and obtaining registration certificate; obtaining payment inspection bills and receipts; obtaining inspection reports; reporting and requesting workplace closure; obtaining compliance license certificate; and reporting incidents.